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What Attracts Women to Men Most Directly?

Master Keys to Magnetically Attracting Women and Fueling Their Femininity


 What attracts women to men most directly and reliably?
 How to look at a woman
 A secret of eye contact—and the biggest mistake men make

What Attracts Women to Men Most Directly, Immediately and Reliably?

The essential key to attracting the sexual and romantic attention, affection and invitations of women is giving the right kind of appreciative male attention.

To understand exactly what this right kind of attention is, it is first necessary to cite the elementary concept of 'magnetic gender polarity'...

The feminine side of women loves to dress up, show off and indulge itself in feminine emotions, sensations and displays... to dance and listen to music... to talk and chatter and giggle and try new things... to enchant itself with romantic make-believe fantasies and role-plays.

For these experiences it needs the fertile 'sexual-magnetic field' playground-garden induced by a powerfully contrastive magnetic gender polarity.

A Qualifier: Women Can Like Both Feminine Men and Masculine Men

Everyone has both a male and a female pole (a male and a female 'side'). Most women tend to identify with and exhibit feminine magnetic potential, and most men tend to identify with and exhibit masculine magnetic potential.

But, it's important to understand that you don't have to do anything special to amplify or pump up your masculinity in order to become more attractive to women. You are already a man with a completely magnetized and potent masculine pole, otherwise you wouldn't be so interested in women! All you need to do is tune in to the dynamic (and stop mentally overriding it).

This is true whether your feminine side is naturally more external or more internal. Women can be strongly attracted to both outwardly feminine men and outwardly masculine men; just as two lesbian women can have a strong magnetic dynamic.

How to Look At a Woman: A Secret of Eye Contact

Looking into a woman's eyes—especially a woman emitting a strong field of 'feminine radiance'—can be an overwhelmingly intense and spellbinding experience; but handling it really needn't be that big of a deal.

The thing that attracts a woman most directly and electrically is a man who is simply and passively seeing, feeling and receiving her special feminine radiance as it uniquely presents itself (as it displays and communicates itself through her eyes, face and hair; her voice tones; her body poses; and the scent of her body, breath and hair).

The biggest mistake that men make in trying to attract women is focusing on the way they behave with women (especially, thinking about what to say). Attraction is actually about the way you perceive women - the way you look at, hear and 'feel' them. Moreover, it's not so much about anything you do at all—it's about them! Let me elaborate...

When a woman is looking at you or talking to you; sure, she is checking out how you dress, if you are classically good-looking, how educated you are, whether you are keeping yourself fit and all these things. However, there is a specific thing she's looking for that is more essentially, directly and reliably attractive to her than any surface feature (and she may not even realize she's looking for this!)...

This thing isn't a feature; it's a capability. She can see and feel if you have this capability when you make eye contact with her, and when she watches you talking to and vibing with other women...

It is the ability to passively and magnetically tune in to, feel, appreciate and resonate with a woman's unique electrically-radiant feminine personality—to see, feel and engage her soul's female side (including the non-sexual sisterly side) as it spontaneously expresses itself.

(This involves transcending the defensive impulse to hide that you are feeling the flow of polarized, sometimes sexual energy.)

This natural but too-often repressed and underdeveloped ability is the foundational magic ingredient to being good with women. Once you are back in touch with this perceptual eye, you have removed the main obstacle that stops life bringing you the most compatible women for you.


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