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Flirting Body Language

Some Master Keys to Non-Creepy Flirtatious Body Language


 Misconceptions about flirting and flirtatious body language
 The right way to think about flirting
 'Gender electromagnetism'

If you're trying to learn non-verbal cues... of whether she's attracted to you or not
 [interpreting body language and eye contact meaning]... that is you floundering around in the dark, unable to feel attraction. You don't need the indicators of it if you can just feel it... and you *can*; if there's attraction going on you can both feel it - you just gotta start paying attention.
  —Decker Cunov


Flirtatious Body Language Happens Spontaneously Between Men and Women—You Don't Need to 'Push Buttons' to Turn it On

Flirting is not about doing things to try to turn a woman on. It's not about winking, eyebrow posing, muscle flexing or other mustache twirling/chest puffing-type displays—though this kind of body language can happen spontaneously in flirtation :)

It's not even really about smiling at her, teasing her, complimenting her, touching and caressing her, or using sexually suggestive words.

Flirtation is part of the natural, playful and spontaneous gender-magnetism dynamic between the male and female binary magnetic poles. This dynamic exists between and even within individuals, and also between groups of individuals in most living* species, including plants and fungi.

{*Gender polarity can even be found playing between a person and an inanimate object or place; e.g., 'the beach' or Hawaii (female pole); or the Empire State Building or Saturn V rocket (male pole).  [credit: David Deida]}

This (in part literally electromagnetic) gender dynamic isn't, of course, always sexual or romantic as such, but there is no simple term in English that includes the non-sexual kinds of 'flirtation' (senses of romance, platonic love, devotion and play come close).

Flirtation in this broad sense involves physically tangible, largely involuntary, 'auric' circuits of attracting and repelling sexual-electromagnetic currents—mediated primarily through the face, eyes, voice tone and scent; and internal hormonal-electrochemical visceral, heart and genital sensations.

It is not something that you do as much as it is something that you allow (i.e., stop mentally repressing and short-circuiting), tune in to, and spontaneously flow with/surf in.

There is no point pretending that you are not feeling these charged oscillatory currents of attraction and repulsion in your interactions with women. Women are directly feeling the very same currents, waves, little electric shocks, 'butterflies', tingles and associated hormonal squirts and flushes.

They, like men, often repress and dissociate from these flows, emotions, signals and responses—but, generally speaking, they seem to be more attuned to them, and less likely to be oblivious or ashamed of them.

Of course, just because you feel or see something, it doesn't mean you should always overtly speak about it or act on it. But you should always—in your eye contact, 'face contact' and body language with a woman—at least silently and modestly admit, acknowledge, appreciate and feel any moment of attraction and communication...

...allowing the energy-information packets to flow between your brains, faces and bodies as they will (charging or discharging measures of tension)—while periodically looking away/turning away/stepping away, as feels appropriate.