What Attracts Women?

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What Attracts Women?

What Do Women Most Directly, Reliably and Wholeheartedly Respond To?


Attracting Women: A Science, an Art and a Quest

If you are a man who doesn't usually get positive, playful and often flirtatious responses from women, you probably feel like you are sitting on the sidelines of one of the main games of life.

There are few things more rewarding, energizing or fulfilling than being able to look comfortably into a beautiful woman's eyes and feeling that natural magnetic current of mysterious sexual electricity we call attraction.

Perhaps you have begun to discover that attracting and relating to women is not just a matter of luck or spiritual providence; but also a science, an art and a quest—a branch of knowledge, a creative performance and an exploration—in which you can continually develop your ideas, intuition and powers.


Knowing What Attracts Women is One of the Master Keys of Life

Being a man that women consider cool, fun, cute, hot or magnetic—that women can sense are 'good with women'—opens doors in life that wealth, being a musician, being respected as intelligent or being an 'ethical' person can never open.

Even many classically good-looking men are excluded by women as objects of their purest, most unobligated feminine desires and favors and most untamed female instincts.

Winning access to the deepest, most delicate and erotic places in a woman's heart is perhaps the ultimate prize and pleasure in life for a man. In every woman's heart there is a secret room in which she feels—and is—eternally virginal and beautiful... witchy, wild and lustful... demonstratively devoted, affectionate and feminine.

When a man holds the keys to this archetypal realm of girlish flirtation, fun and showing off... of romance and fantasy... women intuitively recognize this and find themselves little-by-little gathering around that man like cats.

Such socially intelligent, women-wise men know that women are longing for the company of men who give them the freedom and the kind of male attention they need to unlock and actualize their female talents; to blossom, show off and indulge themselves in their femininity... in feminine sensations, emotions and displays.

These men enjoy transcendent sexual experiences; easy, fun and fulfilling interactions with women in general (including those they're not immediately or strongly attracted to); the implicit respect and friendship of other men—and high-voltage potency, engagement and flow in the other aspects of their lives.


Each link leads to a small cluster of wisdom gems and master keys I've collected, and esoteric insights that were unveiled to me—in my quest to understand my desire for women, what women are to themselves in their own minds, and how to experience everything that the luckiest people alive are experiencing.

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